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How Do You Get Access To The Dark Web And What You Can Be Expecting
Tor is a special browser that lets you browse the dark web. The dark web sites are not visible when you search them in an internet search engine. Therefore, it is essential to know the address of the website you'd like to visit. This section of the web is typically described as "dangerous." It's widely-known myth is that the dark internet is where various shady actions occur, from selling illegal drugs to hiring hitmen. Although there are risks lurking in this area of the internet, it is also the home of other illicit marketplaces. Journalists and whistleblowers are able to freely communicate on the dark web. You can communicate in a way that is open to citizens of countries that have strict rules for internet use via the dark web. See this awesome hidden wiki forum for more info.

What Is The Dark Web?
To understand what the dark web actually is, we need to understand its terminology. The internet is usually described as consisting of three parts. It's easy to be confused by the terms "deep web" and "dark web" frequently used. Here are some key tips to consider when we discuss the dark net.
The internet can be used worldwide.
The Internet is a communication tool which makes use of the internet's network.
The web comprises the surface web, as well as the deeper and the shadow web.
To help you understand the various terms, here's an infographic.


The Surface Web
The internet's surface web is a mix of the deep and the shallow web. It is what most people access every day. It is accessible via standard browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. It's possible to access this article from anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. Other websites, such as ones of online businesses or shops, are part of the "regular internet." However, if you go to a site as an anonymous visitor, you won't be able to view all aspects of it. The surface of the website will be only what you will see. When you visit Amazon without being logged in, like you'll be able to see their listing of products. However, you will only be able see the site as a buyer and not as a seller or administrator. To access the site "behind the scenes," you'll need a username and password. This will let you gain access to the web's deepest parts and look above the surface.

The Deep Web
The web's hidden areas are called the "deep web". The vast majority of the web consists of databases and pages that are only meant to be used by a specific group of people within an organization. This could be the address of your work database. You will need your URL for your website address to gain access. In some cases you might require an account password. Most of us won't have access to this URL, nor the required login credentials -as well as this information won't be found on search engines, as well. It's true that an Google search won't display deep web content or pages. The deep web is by far the biggest part of the internet, estimated to be between 90 and 95% of the complete internet. Some examples of pages that are part of the deep web include: the private information and pages of universities, corporations, hospitals, libraries, governments as well as international organisations, and so on.


The Dark Web
The dark web is a part of the internet that can only be accessed through a specific browser, the Tor browser. The web's dark sites are sometimes called the "darknet" as it refers to the unregulated part of the internet. The dark web is not operated by any company, government or institution. This is exactly why the dark net is associated with illegal activities. The "deep web" is a term that some people use to describe this part of the web. While the dark web is indeed part of deep web, it's an entirely different part of the web. According to the article, it is possible to access the deep web with conventional browsers, provided you are able to access the correct URL. The dark web is not. this is not an option. It is impossible to access the dark web through regular browsers like Google Chrome and Edge. The dark web operates in a different way from the normal web. Even though Tor can be used to connect to dark web sites but they don't end with.com/.org. Instead, URLs are composed of random mixtures of letters and numbers. They usually end with.onion.

What You Can Find on the Dark Web
The dark internet is constantly evolving and remains largely undiscovered. Below are a few of the most beneficial and dangerous products that you can find on the web. Take note that even the most harmless of devices can be harmful when used in a way that isn't properly. Always be wary of dark web content, services or software that you find especially when they promise you too-good-to-be-true offers like free crypto or cheap Netflix hacked accounts.

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