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7 Top Tips For Dog Training in Greenville, South Carolina
Congratulations on bringing your new dog or puppy to your home. Congratulations! A puppy can last for a lifetime which means you're going to be together for a very long period of time. This means that you must set boundaries and establish rules fast so that you can remain your best friends for the remainder of your lives. Let's start by giving some puppy-friendly tips. Do not get disillusioned with your puppy. He's doing his best. Animals are naturally inclined to satisfy their owners, therefore be kind and patient during this often stressful time. This too shall pass. If that is your choice, professional pet trainers can be found to help. Experts recommend that your puppy is spayed or neutered as early as possible at a young stage of their life. It will make it more docile, calmer and will allow you to train them more effectively. Do not forget to brush up your dog's body language. You can observe the way your dog reacts to new situations, and predict their behavior.

Tip 1) Always Be Prepared
It's not difficult to help your pup learn commands at the house. It's a challenge to teach your puppy the same commands in an environment that is different. It is important to practice your commands no matter where your puppy travels. Your puppy must behave both your home and out. In fact, it's crucial for your dog to listen to you when you're out in public. It is possible to teach your dog commands that can be followed in different locations. This will help you get your pup to behave in all situations and not only at home. Don't forget to see the best Dog Trainers Greenville SC for more.


Tip 2) Don't Allow Biting Or Nipping
You'll want to nip it in the bud right away. Refrain from nipping and biting at others, especially strangers. Dogs can be mouthy and will often do nothing wrong when they do this. Be gentle with your dog, or your puppy, because of it. The best way according to experts to deter nipping and biting is to pretend that you're hurting when he's biting or nipping you. You'll be amazed at how surprised your dog is going to be to stop bites or nips. Dogs are designed to delight their owners, not hurt them. To deter this behavior it is possible to pretend that your dog caused you discomfort. If that doesn't work you could trade your hand or leg to chew toys. This trick can also work if he's wearing the shoes you love. He'll still prefer playing with a toy, or even bones, as they're more delicious.

Tip 3) Train Your Dog on ‘Dog Time’
The puppies and dogs are in the present instant. You can see that if they commit a mistake, it is forgotten about after a couple of minutes. If your dog makes a mistake, wrong, correct it instantly. Repeating the same thing repeatedly will reinforce what your puppy has learned in both ways, good and bad. Don't forget to see the top Dog Trainers Greenville SC for info.


Tip 4) Keep Puppy Lessons Simple
Keep the lessons short and sweet. Your dog will learn faster and more quickly. You should only learn one thing at a time. Learning more than one command at a time could confuse puppies. Learn only a couple of commands at one time. These sessions should not exceed 5-15 minutes, dependent on the level of difficulty. Your puppy won't get bored or distracted if the sessions are short. Keep in mind that your puppy has plenty of energy to burn! Once your dog is able to master the command, you can proceed to the next step. A success rate of 90% is ideal for learning these commands.

Tip 5) Train your dog to not jump upon greetings
Dogs and puppies love to meet each other by jumping up. Do not criticize your dog for jumping in greeting. He's just delighted to be there. Experts suggest that you avoid your dog's behavior and wait for him to calm down before giving him positive reinforcement. Never encourage jumping behavior by patting or praising your dog when he's in a "jumping up" state or mood. He will not look at you to you if you look away. Don't forget to check out the top Dog Behaviorist Greenville SC for examples.


Tip 6) Get Experts' Help
It's okay if you feel overwhelmed by the task that you have to complete. isn't easy. It's best to consult a trainer if you feel overwhelmed. Many trainers are available to assist you and your dog. You can also have private sessions at your home. Courses are offered by many companies and pet stores. There are many classes that you can register your puppy in. It is best to start with basic obedience lessons. These classes usually have multiple dogs in one group. This is great because it lets dogs socialize. The American Kennel Club has great tips on selecting an instructor.

Tip 7) End Sessions With A Positive Note
You want the experience to be enjoyable for your dog. This means that he is looking forward to it, similar to an enjoyable walk or food. Rewards your dog for his effort during the training session. You could leave him with many praise, treats or a few minutes of time to play. It will ensure that he'll be eager to be back to the next session.

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