Mirage Source :: Source Information/History

Source Information

The Mirage Source is the source code to Mirage Online v3.0.3 & v3.0.7. This code, originally created and owned by Chris Kremer, last owned by Unformed Realities, is now public domain for full use by anyone who wishes, with no credit necessary.

NOTE: There is another version of this source code going around, protected under the GNU GPL. This is by the infamous Player Worlds "hacker" that goes by the alias 'Pc'. It is suggested that you download the public domain version from Mirage Universe, rather than that from from Pc.


The Mirage Online source code was originally owned by Chris Kremer, aka Consty. Consty created the Mirage Engine from scratch at v1.0, and has worked on it until v3.0.3. (I do not know much about Mirage Online under Consty's rule, for which I apologize.)

At v3.0.3, Consty had sold this source code to Unformed Realities (which was and currently is owned by Shannara). Unformed Realities, for a long while, had owned this. The numbers of version names aren't really able to be stated, as they bounced back later, so it will be explained timewise. During this time, quite early after it was bought, Unformed Realities had created Player Worlds from the source code, a software for creating, more or less, your own Mirage Online server. Unformed Realities, later too occupied on work with other projects, had sold Mirage Online to JB Computers (which was and currently is owned by Acer), and had sold Player Worlds to Kaelian Software (which was and currently is owned by Kael).

A "hacker" who goes by the alias 'Pc' has come into the story around here -- though I'm not sure what exactly happened, somehow Pc had gotten onto Shannara's case and, pretty much, worked to make Shannara's time miserable. He had also gone on to bother and "hack" Player Worlds games, and their users. 

During Acer's reign, Solace (a member of the project) had programmed it quite a lot, and had made it into v3.1.0 (featuring a huge change in the gui), and had split off the game into 2 separate servers -- Old World, aka Consty's Mirage, and New World, Acer's new Mirage, in which new graphics, items, monsters, maps, etc. were created. During this time Unformed Realities was working with a version of the code with permission from Acer, in which he created Osinia, which was ater aborted. Well, a while passed, Mirage Online went down for a while, and it went back up under Unformed's rule once again, from another sale between Unformed Realities and JB Computers. (At this point, also, Acer's New World was changed into the game known now as Adonai, still using the code to v3.1.0.)

Pc had begun to bother Shannara once again with Mirage Online, had defaced the site, and altogether harassed with Shannara more and more. It had come to the point where Pc had actually gotten the source (we are not sure how; he had said two different ways he did it -- gotten it from Kremer, and decompiled it from Unformed Realities) and had created his own engine from it, known as Uber RPG. Battles flew across from Player Worlds and Mirage Online to Uber Games and back, and eventually Shannara just got tired of it, and released the beautiful source code that is Mirage Source. (Beside that point, 'Pc' had also released the Mirage Online code afterwards under the GNU GPL, however, he was too late as it was already released as public domain.)

Thus we see the history of the Mirage Source as we know it. Mirage is definitely not dead, however, to what we know as Mirage Source, this is the end.